What (Actually) Is ‘Care’

“Following the passage of the Republican health care bill Thursday, the House floor erupted into song. But they weren’t sounds of triumph, they were words of warning from House Democrats to the GOP.

As giddy Republicans clapped when they got the necessary 216 votes to pass the bill effectively replacing Obamacare, members of the Democratic Party broke out into: “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, singing to the conservatives in the room.”

(Thursday, May 4th – Washington)


In the ‘mainstream’ news there were endless articles recently about the American Heath Care Act, intended to repeal and replace ‘Obamacare’, like this one from CNN.

The case being made strongly and forcefully is that ‘Obamacare is broken and failing’ and this new initiative will ‘fix it’. It passed… but in spite of it being headline news, is this REAL news?

In the REAL world this is simply delusional, all round, if one can SEE it. This is the purpose of these weekly broadcasts – to SEE ‘What (Actually) Is’.

To begin to SEE the REAL News, one begins by asking a new kind of question: WHAT (Actually ) IS – ‘Care’.* After all, the title of the bill declares this to be an (American) act of care relating to health.

*Note: When we use the words ‘what is’ and then add a focus (in this instance ‘care’) we do not add a question mark as it is not intended to be a question in the usual sense that we immediately think we can answer it. It is a challenge to us to discover the true nature of ‘what is’.

Care exists in the field of life before we humans try to understand and define what we think something is (on our terms) …

‘Care’ can become elevated at the hands of humans

If (health) care is failing, we must return to ‘What Is – Care’, what it actually is to rejoin the purpose of care in the evolutionary story, as we must return to ‘What Is – Health’. It is one of the most fundamental questions of life.

‘Care’ is something in the field of ‘what is’ (everything comes from the field of ‘what is’) and it lives and breathes and flourishes before we humans take it upon ourselves to understand it, align to it or use it as a cover phrase for any purpose – even what is NOT in any way aligned to the REAL purpose of care (as is the case in the discussion of health care).

It needs, at least, those who are proposing that they can ‘fix it’ to acknowledge the fact that a new beginning is needed to even go forward.

Again this is the way in the work on human evolutionary change that this news sheet derives from – we are concerned to show that it is too late to try to fix what is ‘wrong’ in our world (things have gotten beyond what is sustainable, as we know). We must engender right pathways to move into a new future.

What (Actually) Is ‘Care’

‘Care’ serves a purpose beyond partisan perceptions of what we think it is.

Can we agree that, at the very least, ‘care’ is the anticipation of the needs of another? It requires us to SEE what another may need and to be able to fashion a meaningful response in providing it.

As always, the origin of things can be observed in the natural worlds which do not know deceipt and the following example demonstrates this clearly.

As an example, some birds act maimed or wounded to divert potential predators while their young offspring get away from the threat. One might say this is an act of care.  It is not suggesting a conscious act – only that the beginning of the template that humans can and do develop care along, is fashioned on these early observations.

If we call this ‘care’ we might end up in dispute as to whether the world, the planet and all life was ‘designed’ to have care – and this takes us down a cul-de-sac.

What is clear is that, when we see the purpose that such things serve, we humans have the ability and faculty to elevate the initial early level of care to a new level, to serve a new purpose that we know and want to serve.

When we, as humans, ask our selves in what way we can anticipate the needs of another we are exercising care, extending its scope beyond the first level we observe in birds and other natural life .

We take that same pattern and elevate it – and thus the template allows us to expand the meaning inherent in the action we can make.

It is fundamentally false to declare something an act of care if the template for care cannot be explained in this way, showing its evolutionary journey of emergence.

To begin to SEE what is REAL one needs to be able to neutralize the antagonisms that take place around the discussion of care ‘as if’ it were something that can be politicized and perverted this way or that.

The real problem is that we humans have drifted far from ‘what is – real care’ and engaged in delusional talk using the very language that allowed us humans to elevate to extraordinary acts of care and other great acts.

This is just to show the way the real pathway forward begins inside daily life if we can SEE it.


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