The Human Theater with the Broadway Theater

At the invitation of the Dutch Treat Club, New York’s famous player’s club for actors writers and illustrators, last week Richard developed the vital theme of these times that “we humans are a theater for the enactment of universal intelligence and we need to find the new theater of our times…” (as well as the new education of our times, the new leadership of our times…).

It is a consequence of a certain kind of thinking that we speak of the human body and emphasize its physicality (what it does and how it functions) at the expense of its purpose (why it exists in the way it does).

Through ‘Waking Up and Growing Up’, it becomes clear that our sense of self evolves inside our ‘bodies’ (let us call it a temple, at least) and is encouraged towards a consciousness of what kind of essences and intelligence we can mix with, within ourselves.

 Richard A. Bowell at the Dutch Treat Club in New York City (March 2017) 

We try to make sense of the world around us and ourselves within the larger world. It is that cross over point that is so fascinating and enticing.

When we register that we live in other worlds as other worlds live in us, our feelings and the sequences of our thinking become the linkage to higher universal intelligence. We have a part to play in the theater of human life…

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‘We Have Forgotten the Question’


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