Prince Harry And Our Inner And Outer Worlds

Prince Harry has recently been talking about the impact his mother’s death had on him and how it affected his life and work.

To many of us who were around at the time of Princess Diana’s death, we may remember the nonstop press and TV coverage – little considering that her two sons were being impacted and harmed in the process.

Now the ‘news’ is that Prince Harry is working to bring about a dialogue about mental health to alleviate some of the stigma of talking about it – and there is much press in England about this:

In this short ‘Can you SEE it’ video, Richard A. Bowell responds to this, showing ‘what is’ at the heart of the things we are daily exposed to, but perhaps never really SEE – we call it the ‘real news’.

There is what catches our attention, the banner headlines, and then there is what it is connected to. In the work of “Waking Up and Growing Up” we bring BOTH to mind to be able to SEE the real news inside daily events.

Watch Richard show the REAL NEWS in this video:

Translating WHAT IS

Through the course of evolution it is what causes alarm that grabs our attention that we react to.

The ‘main act’ in our awareness are such things that may cause us harm or threaten us – our awareness is programmed to see such things (even if they are not the largest event in the landscape of our lives).

But to understand the nature of things, one has to look to both the main event and what surrounds it to really SEE and this is true in all things.

As an example, one can look at the planet and see an opportunity to get ‘free’ energy through fracking, or unlimited food or water by creating dams or forcing rivers to bypass their natural path and this seems to advertise to us (writ large) benefit at no cost.

It might only be later that we realize that we have caused harm and could easily have foreseen it – had we just considered the main event and all that surrounds it.

Bringing both parts together into one integrated whole is what we call ‘being conscious’.

Prince Harry is bringing up the surrounding event of living that we have pushed into the background, the cost and fall out to so many of the main events of living and, in this case, the impact on his own mental health at the time of his mother’s untimely death.

It is the small and often seemingly unobtrusive events that reveal the real truth – ‘what is’ as we call it – that we miss when we fail to bring up all that surrounds what we do that we interact with.

All things are connected, but we treat life as a series of disconnected fragments and, in so doing, the natural fabric of life begins to tear and we only realize later that we have caused (as the latest culminated result shows) global warming and environmental breakdown.

Worse, still, the evidence of the new breakdown that now threatens all life (the ‘sixth great extinction’) becomes the next headline that we react to…

We build conscious awareness when we struggle to SEE the purpose in all things and not just their result.

In appreciation for Prince Harry’s IN-SIGHT and perception…


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