North Korea And The Age Of Consequences

“North Korea Launches Missile
After USA Demands World Pressure”

We invite you to take a moment to read the first few paragraphs of this article of ‘news’ from CNN and then we will explore ‘WHAT IS’ – the REAL news.

Perhaps you can register the inner sense of fear and danger that the article evokes? It puts us on alert – and we keep reading.

This is what we are used to happening, when we read ‘the news’ – it is what ‘sells’ news, it is what is meant to happen when reading the news / the latest, breaking news.

However, this is old news with new clothing, new names and happening now…

This kind of ‘news’ co-opts our systems to ‘its purpose’ – to engage us in the drama of the event, its danger, its spectacular nature, its threat, its promise.… (all in the ‘big’ or fast spectrum of things peppered as it is with words like ‘catastrophic’ – this is where we are conditioned to see).

It has been the way we have adapted to living on this planet, ever mindful and alert to danger or threat or the unknown.

When we SEE ‘WHAT IS’ – it changes the way we read and respond to the news, it changes our inner location of SEEING – try and sense this as we move now to a different location.

To be able to SEE the real news, the first step is always to neutralize the impact that the ‘old’ news causes in us – it conditions us to see from only a limited human perspective.

SEE, HEAR, NOTATE the language of the article and how it works on our inner location.

There is (world) pressure, (sustained) pressure and (increased) pressure… on the one side and, on the other side, there is ‘defiance’ (or compliance) to that pressure (causing isolation).

One side wants a certain behavior to stop and are exerting increasing pressure and threat towards that end whilst the other side is pushing back defiantly to resist that outcome.

It is a common theme. Our human systems (have evolved to) react to pressure and ease all through evolutionary history. Try to just SEE it.

The next step is to SEE examples of the way this occurs in everyday life – where we are not personally involved (SEEING in the absence of fear, without the extremes of pressure – just SEEING).

So, take a moment now to observe this same system outside of the ‘extreme’ and escalated example of this article within the context of possible war (and the question ‘what is’ – war, we will return to some time later).

As an example, when we feel hungry, the hunger creates a pressure in our systems to seek food to ease that pressure. One can trace this pressure-ease system operating throughout the whole digestive system even to the pressure we have to eliminate waste products from the system, ever increasing, ever mounting – if not eased.

We model behavior on this system, creating pressure in all kinds of ways on ourselves and the environment and others to achieve goals or outcomes we wish to achieve – as in the example in the article.

When we do not feel any immediate defiance at the pressure we create, we ASSUME we have permission to continue in our pursuit of our goals.

However, whilst the planet may SEEM to allow us to pursue our intentions at no cost (with no immediate push back), we now realize that is NOT the case.

The environment ‘registers’ the pressure we exert upon it and in time, its defiance shows (just look at the ocean dying, suffocating from the plastic that we have discarded to ease our lives for convenience) – it has dire consequences for the planet.

The article is showing that, whilst we may continue to operate in these old systems, we have entered an age of consequences where we cannot do so with immunity any longer.

The third step in this sequence is to SEE what else appears in the landscape in which one lives that one otherwise would not SEE.

As an example, a little further down the page (CNN Home Page) another interesting piece of news is related, real news, if we can SEE it! Namely, that the Pope expressed his belief that ‘Humanity couldn’t bear war with North Korea’ – the suggestion being that some limit or end game was being reached.

As long as we continue to operate in this old evolutionary system we will bring ourselves, the world and the planet to the brink of extinction.

Now SEE all the other issues that are inside this short article – if we can SEE it.

As a further example, whilst the details in this article are, as we know, to do with missiles, it also relates to the right to ‘bear’ (nuclear) arms etc. and this issue interestingly enough is being hotly debated, where gun controls are at stake.

And SEE the issue that then comes up (when one SEES) – namely that whilst a ‘right’ may have been enshrined in a constitution some 150 years before, we are now living in a new time where everything needs to be reviewed (SEEN again).

It is pointing to the fact that to continue to operate in this old evolutionary system is no longer an option and dire consequences will ensue (it was always going to but in these times it has become an evolutionary pressure on our systems that only real change can ease – we cannot ignore it).

For the becoming conscious and evolving person, it might be better to read one article and really try to SEE all the news in it…


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