What is ‘Power’ – Can You See It?


In the work of Human Evolutionary Change, the focus is not on ‘learning more’ but on SEEING WHAT IS – seeing beyond the surface level to the core of things.

As we say, when we humans see the core of things we have the same response.

What follows has nothing to do with politics or bi-partisan thinking – it is an attempt to SEE afresh.

We are looking at a new President in the USA and there are many views as to what is going on, whether to agree with this or that, whether it is good or bad – but beyond that there is ‘what is’.

It might seem a strange place to start, but if we look back in world history at the civilization of Ancient Egypt and think about the issue of power.  If you have ever seen statues of ancient Egypt you may well have noticed and wondered about the fact that the faces have been broken in (predominantly) three places (picture below):

– The Uraeus (the cobra from the forehead as it appeared on members of the royalty)
– The Nose
– The Beard

These three places were considered power points and when a new King or Pharaoh took power, then a systematic breaking of the power grid of the previous King was undertaken.

In our times, the same thing is done but in a different way…



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