Richard’s writings and books have been translated into many languages and acclaimed by leaders in their field – internationally.

His latest book, “Waking Up and Growing Up” is a guide that, as he says, ‘brings all my writings and books into one single coherent whole’.

It is the spiritual awakening of a new living pathway in a new age – calling upon ‘We, the Human’ to grow up and take responsibility for our part in the future.

Here is what leaders are saying about Richard’s work!

  • Dr. Kurt Johnson, Evolutionary Leader: “A holistic cosmology…”
  • Andrew Cohen,#1 New York Times bestselling author: “Richard’s work is deeply profound and a gift to humanity and the future.”
  • Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, Head of Erikson College: “A clarion call…”
  • Phyllis Lee, UN high-ranking Officer: “Insightful and unique!”
  • Bishop of Finland, Metropolitan Ambrosius:“Richard’s work is deep and profound.”
  • Sir John Whitmore, “The future of coaching and mediation.”
  • Stephen Porges, Professor of Psychiatry at Illinois University and Director of the Mind and Body Institute: “Enormously insightful and intelligent – a new vocabulary to understand ourselves.”
  • Dr. Stephen Covey, Best selling author, “Profound and far reaching.”