RICHARD A. BOWELL is an internationally renowned Speaker, Author, Spiritual Mentor and Integrated Thinker. His books have been translated into several languages and used as text books for the study of Psychology, Philosophy and Spiritual Intelligence.

He was born in London, England and has lived and worked in Holland, Canada, USA, Denmark and Greece…

In his own words: “When I returned to London after studying Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal (and a brief spell at Medical School), it had become a gathering place for ‘Searchers For Truth’, full of people back from India, Tibet and the Afghan trail.

In that intense environment, I found myself at home for the first time and my real spiritual journey began – in earnest.

I wanted to know all and everything from the great spiritual traditions to the esoteric pathways and discover the connections between all things. It was the learning experience of my life. I stayed there for 8 years to absorb and learn and immerse myself.

To discover life within the purpose of living imbued everything with deep and significant feeling and essence and it showed me the place of all things in the unity of life. This experience has guided me always, in all that I do and led to my conviction that all real learning is centered in evolutionary purpose and not cultural survival.

I shared the aspiration of a world of peace, love and respect with many others, but there was clearly a disjunct, even in our religions, that continually sabotaged these aspiration with behavior and thinking towards the very opposite, conflict and war.

Seeing the need for peace or respect for the planet and making an intention to realize these as goals is not enough to trigger real change.

It became increasingly clear that all that we sought to bring about in our outer world needed to come from an inner world that was reconciled to its dualistic nature and integrated in a higher set of conscious principles.

Years of study, and observation spent on the Greek Islands, where I could contemplate, uninterrupted, the vital changes that were being AWOKEN in these times, brought the current work to fulfillment.”

Richard’s work in Europe is known through his published books and the establishment of ‘Evolution-Centered’ Schools of Learning in several European cities.

He developed his work for the United Nations and at some of the world’s leading business institutions and academies. His writings have garnered high respect from Rabbis and Bishops, Eminent Scientists and Business Leaders, High level UN officials, Writers and Evolutionary Leaders…

Today, Richard focuses exclusively on sharing these Integrating Spiritual Principles of WAKING UP AND GROWING UP  with people all over the world through ‘We, the Human’ – The Global Community.

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