Richard A. Bowell
‘My Promise To You’

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered about the way to get in touch with your evolutionary purpose?

Once, in temples and in the sacred places of the world and in un-spoilt nature, people and communities could connect to their evolutionary PURPOSE through the attendant atmospheres and energies gathered there.

The atmosphere in these places that once woke us up to our sense of humanity has largely disappeared from the world today, a consequence of the pollution we have allowed to spoil our planet.

There remains but one place where the spiritual energies and intelligence of a new time can gather and that is inside our innermost selves – the last unpolluted place on earth – if we can find our
way there.

After 40 years of Inner Study, Meditation & Contemplation, Consciousness Building, Sequential Thinking and Feeling, Training in Movement and Spiritual Practice, I can say to you in all sincerity that I can show the way to access that innermost world – so vital to our individual and collective future.

‘Stepping Forward Into A New Time’

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